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Tacoma’s Best Kept Secrets: Shopping, Food, and Drinks

Finding hidden gems can take time. But we’ve taken the guesswork out of it with our best kept secrets of Tacoma list.

Tacoma Shopping

  1. Tacoma’s antique row on Broadway. Multiple shops are down that alley, but the one that is a must is Sanford & Son Antiques & Auction, a 3 level antique mall you can get lost in.
  2. Get immersed in Kings Books and have their precious black cat follow you around the store.
  3. Check out Washington’s largest book store is the Tacoma Book Center right by the Tacoma Dome.
  4. Tricky’s pop culture emporium in the Stadium District is a cute hobby shop with a huge selection of toys and goods for an insanely cheap price.

Tacoma Eats & Drinks

  1. Visit Point Ruston, get ice cream at Ice Cream Social.
  2. Tacoma is home to the Almond Roca, and you can score these bad boys for an insanely cheap price at 99 cents a pound.
  3. Visit Puget Sound Pizza for good beer and pizza on the weekends, and depending on the day, maybe even karaoke.

Places To See

  1. Catch a movie at The Grand Cinema, the oldest, cheapest, and only indie theatre in town with freshly made popcorn and real butter. Go on a Saturday night to catch their Weird Elephant Specials.
  2. Visit Freight House Square, an old Tacoma landmark - a 1909 railroad building repurposed into a shopping mall with local food vendors, located right by the Tacoma Dome.
  3. The trippy Alice in Wonderland mural on 11th and Market St next to Happy Belly is the perfect picture opp.
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