10 Ways to Make Your Event More Memorable

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been to events that were downright boring. The only exciting thing was probably free food – which wasn’t even that great. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Making sure attendees have a good experience at your event can be beneficial for both parties. Attendees will appreciate the activities and amenities, which can leave a positive impact and longer impression on them.

Some events fall out of our memory, but others leave a lasting impression. Memories of outstanding entertainment, great food, and unique experiences can stay with us for years. 

If you want your event attendees to come back year after year, your goal is to give them the experience of a lifetime. Here are a few ways to make your event more engaging and memorable:


10 Ways to Host an Event That Won’t Be Forgotten 

Have a bar with an experienced mixologist. 

  • Mixologists can perform stunts and tricks while making the drinks – a great way to entertain the guests and minimize any frustration of those waiting. Who doesn’t like a good show?

Hire mingling entertainers that are walking around on the floor and not just the stage. 

  • An interactive experience where entertainment is offered in a different way can spruce up any mood and get people talking. Hire a walking juggler for a circus-themed event or a mascot for sports events, or even celebrity impersonators.

Photo booths are a great addition to any event. 

  • Attendees have the option to get a little silly with their friends as well as taking a memorable souvenir home with them.

Speaking of booths, a new and upcoming trend in the technological world is VR. 

  • Let your guests experience the magical world of virtual reality by renting out a couple of VR booths to entertain them before and after dinner.

Who says kids can only have bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses at their parties? 

  • Adults love to have fun as well. Depending on the space and dress code, an adult play area makes any event become more inactive and intimate. Guests are able to mingle and challenge others to a fun playful activity and let out the inner child.

Silent auctions and raffles are a great way to raise money and offer excitement as attendees attempt to win the best prize. 

  • The thrill to be able to take home something fun at the end of the day gets people talking, even after the event!

Provide live performance, whether it’s a DJ, band, or a dance performance.

  • It can really invigorate an event and spruce up the vibe.

Create a catchy hashtag for social media. 

  • We have all phones with at least one social media app on them. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – hashtags are used widely as it makes guests engage in the events’ consistent branding and adding their own input to the memories underneath that hashtag.

Have a consistent theme, it can create a fun atmosphere and spark conversation between attendees. 

  • Everything looks pulled together, making it the perfect picture opp for those attending. Remember, everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and they certainly do love posting about their life on social media.

Make sure your venue has a certain unique sense of smell that can take an attendee back to your event if they ever come across that scent again. 

  • In the same way that the smell of freshly baked cookies might transport you back to your grandmother’s kitchen – the same effect can be applied to your event and guests.


Want more ideas? Contact our staff for more suggestions on how you can host an incredible event. We’re here to help conference hosts plan amazing experiences in Tacoma.

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