Floor Plans

Information about rooms and capacities

The Greater Tacoma Convention Center is one of Washington State's largest meeting and convention facilities.

Floor plans to reduce occupancy can be customized to fit your needs and meet current COVID-19 guidelines. Please contact us for more information.

The carefully planned event spaces make the Convention Center one of the most user-friendly facilities in the industry. Each meeting and event space has been designed to take advantage of the open floor plan and flexibility.

Inspiring Spaces

Exhibit Hall


Diagram of Greater Tacoma Convention Center floors

Exhibition Hall - Floor 5

Diagram of the Exhibition Hall at Greater Tacoma Convention Center

Located on the fifth floor, a 9,000 square foot glass enclosed pre-function space outside the Exhibition Hall greets guests with breathtaking and mountain views.

The column-free, 50,000 square foot Exhibition Hall can be used as one large space or divided into Hall A with 22,500 sq. ft. or Hall B with 27,500 sq. ft. Electrical/utilities can be accessed throughout the Exhibition Hall through strategically placed floor box locations.

Ballroom - Floor 3

Diagram of the third floor ballroom at Tacoma Convention Center

Located on the third floor, guests enter the Ballroom through an impressive glass framed 17,800 square foot pre-function space.

The 13,400 sq. ft. ballroom is divisible and can be configured together or independently. A Coat Check, VIP Room, and Information or Registration Desk are also located on the third floor. Electrical/utilities can be accessed throughout various floor box locations.

Meeting Space - Floors 1, 3 & 4

The Convention Center's flexible meeting space includes up to 14 separate breakouts meeting room configurations with a total of 24,000 square feet.

The meeting rooms are located on both the third and fourth floors with two additional Executive Board Rooms and 1,831 sq. ft. of generous pre-function space available on all floors.

Dimensions + Capacities

Our sales and event staff will create a custom room layout/occupancy plan to best suit your event needs.

The occupancies below are a guide. Please note that actual custom layouts and occupancies may decrease based on A/V, stage, food, and special event requirements. Contact us to create a custom layout for your event today.

RoomFloorSq. Ft.CeilingL' x W'TheaterRoundsClassroomConferenceU-Shaped10' x 10'
Boardroom North17208'30 x 2418
Boardroom South17928'33 x 2418
Ballroom A3440023' 8"88 x 504002302301008020
Ballroom C3220023' 8"88 x 25200709580759
Ballroom D3457523' 8"88 x 524002302301008020
Ballroom A and B3660023' 8"88 x 756503603351259530
Ballroom B and C3440023' 8"88 x 504002302301008020
Ballroom C and D3677523' 8"88 x 776503603351259530
Ballroom A, B and C3871023' 8"88 x 9980048043015011040
Ballroom B, C and D3897523' 8"88 x 10280048043015011040
Ballroom A, B, C and D31365023' 8"88 x 152120072067521016060
Ballroom Pre-function Area East3626030'- -- -24020020
Meeting Room 3153156018'58 x 2714080755550
Meeting Room 3163197018'58 x 34170100906050
Meeting Room 3173156018'58 x 2714080755550
Meeting Room 315 & 3163353018'58 x 613101801658565
Meeting Room 316 & 3173353018'58 x 613101801658565
Meeting Room 315, 316 & 3173510018'58 x 884502402401109015
Meeting Room 3183174018'58 x 3014080755550
Third Floor Registration Area3566014'10
Third Floor North Pre-function3351032'10
Meeting Room 403441812'22 x 193020202016
Meeting Room 404482812'36 x 237032302822
Meeting Room 405490012'30 x 309040402822
Meeting Room 406445612'24 x 194020152218
Meeting Room 4074147013' 4"49 x 3014060604639
Exhibition Hall A52220030'182 x 12219009801230120
Exhibition Hall B52730030'182 x 150220012601560150
Exhibition Hall A and B55000030'182 x 272425025202900270
Exhibition Hall Pre-function Area5878015'218 x 4636020



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