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Greater Tacoma Convention Center Video (produced by Pacific Lutheran University's MediaLab).

Pop the champagne. We have a new logo that looks as lovely as our world-class facility. 

With shades of sea-glass blue and green, the logo celebrates the glass art for which Tacoma is famous. It also gestures towards the growth and momentum we’re experiencing in Tacoma and the greater region. If something else feels a bit different, you’re right. We’ve shortened our name to Greater Tacoma Convention Center

What else is new? 
While creating our new look, we also did some research on what’s working well. We heard that our customers love our responsive service, our team of experts, and flexibility – that won’t change. 

One more thing that’s changed? 
Our address is now 1500 Commerce Street
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News Update: City Council Approves Amended Agreement and Property Conveyance for Convention Center Hotel Project
Learn more about the new Convention Center Hotel