For a Greener Greater World

Together with our partners, we engage in activities to protect our planet. For a Greener Greater World.
  • Glass, cardboard, and metal products are recycled
  • Compostable service ware is available to clients who request disposable items
  • Food waste is composted
  • Cooking oils are recycled
  • Cleaning products used in 90% of the building are environmentally friendly
  • Compact fluorescent lights and LED low wattage bulbs are used
  • Trans fat free building, using local, organic and sustainable products when possible
  • Multiple product recycling receptacles are located in public areas
  • Building controls are programmed to decrease energy usage
  • Bi-polar ionization technology suppresses airborne micro-organisms and pathogens while reducing energy use
  • Water saving toilets and faucets are installed in all bathrooms
  • Eco-friendly water saving landscaping
  • Used fleet oil, batteries, antifreeze and tires are recycled
  • No chemical pesticides and herbicides are used in the facility
  • Lightweight, portable carpet is available for use in the Exhibition Hall, reducing the carbon footprint of outside vendors transporting carpet

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