7 Ways to Host a More Comfortable Event

Walking into an event and feeling anxious, nervous, and uncertain can be a real party pooper. You don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable or else they will leave early. Creating a comfortable atmosphere for attendees will make them want to stay until the end as well as share their experience with others.

Tips to make your event more comfortable


  • Provide your guests with a drink station – great options include coffee, tea and water with fancy fruits. Having a bar is also a good touch if the event is meant to help people socialize.
  • Offer healthy food instead of junk food – food rich in calories, fat, sugar and salt may be yummier and easier to prepare, however, it tends to weigh people down and make them tired. Opt for healthy meals.
  • Give your guests some downtime to explore the venue and refresh themselves. Guests must get comfortable with the environment first in order to enjoy it.
  • Make your guests feel comfortable by seating them into small groups. People want to socialize, but not in an intimidating space with 10 to 20 people at a time. Instead, seat 4 or 6 people at each table, as it’s easier to talk amongst a small group rather than a large one.
  • Make sure to have an MC or host to lead the event – hire someone who is comfortable with speaking and is humorous. If your MC is confident, concise, and clear with the audience, they will appreciate it. Remember, attitude is contagious.
  • Hire a DJ that knows how to read a crowd. When should a DJ play an upbeat song or a more lower-key beat? A good DJ will know how to work the crowd and get the energy in the room going if needed. Music can influence one's mood. Ever notice a certain type of music when you’re shopping? Department stores will play songs that are upbeat to get the customers in a good mood to shop.
  • Offer your guests a fun photo booth to capture the moment, especially if it’s something you want a lasting memory of. Regardless of the occasion, people love to take pictures. Opt for those modern photo booths that will provide your guests with high-quality physical copies of their pictures. Your guests will want to make sure everyone hears about it. 
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