Food & Beverage Trends For 2023

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According to research by M&S, 3.5 million people now identify as vegan. This growth in plant-based eating has become a well-established trend that is seen amongst millennials the most. One source that’s been gaining traction is the substitute of using unripened jackfruit, a tropical fruit that can be transformed into a stringy, meat-like texture when cooked.  


A gluten-free lifestyle has become one of the most popular diet trends in the U.S. One in five people now reduces or eliminates gluten in their diet.  

Quality and Organic Choices 

The organic and high-quality food movement is growing – especially among the millennial generation. People have become aware of their benefits as they developed a desire for more quality food and refined palates.  

Spicy Food 

Food with a bit of heat is not anything new to the culinary world. Korea, Thailand, and China are well-known for their spicy cuisines. However, spicy food is beginning to gain popularity in the U.S.  

CBD-Infused Cocktails 

With cannabis now legal in a number of states – mixologists are not wasting no time creating these “mellow” cocktails. Instead of using THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis - Cannabidiol or CBD is infused into the drinks. CBD does not get you high. Rather, people who consume it can feel the calming effects on their nerves and anxiety as well as pain related to inflammation.  

Citrus flavoring 

This is the year for tangy citrus flavors. Added not only in cocktail drinks but on top of many dishes as it brings out a unique and exotic taste to the dishes. Chefs and mixologists are swapping out lemons and limes for citron, kumquat, and yuzu.  

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