Project with Tacoma Power Improves Light Quality, Lowers Costs and Conserves Energy

New, high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting upgrades at The Greater Tacoma Convention Center allow staff to tailor lighting specifically for each event while reducing costs and electricity use.

The Convention Center’s new LED lighting provides a warmer and brighter ambiance for exhibition hall events, tradeshows and dinners. Doubling the number of zones used to operate the lights allows staff to better control and tailor lighting to each event. According to Tacoma Power’s estimates, the project will lower annual electricity costs by about $12,000, reduce maintenance costs by $5,500 and save about 164,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. 

“Making the switch to LED lighting has enhanced the venue’s meeting and event spaces, providing a better experience for guests, while also lowering costs,” stated the Director of Public Assembly Facilities, Kim Bedier. “TPU has been a great partner in helping select the appropriate lighting system and fixtures to best serve our clients and reduce energy use for the facility.”
The Convention Center will receive nearly $60,000 in rebates from the utility to apply toward the cost of improvements. The overall project will cost just under $105,000 after the utility’s rebates and has a payback period of little more than five years. 

“Partnering on this project not only improves lighting, and reduces annual electricity and maintenance costs, the energy savings ultimately benefits the community,” said Tacoma Power’s Conservation Supervisor, Roger Peery. “Projects such as this help prevent the need for Tacoma Power to acquire costly new power resources.” 

The new LED lighting system aligns with the Convention Center’s commitment to green initiatives while providing a more vibrant and consistent lighting system, and enhancing the overall guest and client experience.