If you require additional information or dimensions, refer to the full Meeting Planner's Guide or contact your Event Coordinator.

Freight Handling:
The Convention Center does not require a drayage company to handle freight at the loading docks. You may allow, at your discretion, exhibitors to load/unload their own items at no charge on all loading docks. Exhibitors are not required to pay any fee to set-up or remove their own displays. The Convention Center is able to receive event shipments in advance on a client's behalf. Please contact your Event Coordinator for complete details.

Loading Docks:
The truck service areas and loading docks are located on Level 5 (upper Exhibition Hall). The loading dock is at street level and contains five bays with vehicle restraint systems and one dock leveler. The dock height clearance is 25 feet. Live load limit is 250 lbs/per sq. ft. for all docks. The loading dock areas can accommodate any standard, street legal trailer.

Truck Staging Guidelines:
The Convention Center follows the "City of Tacoma Traffic Management Plan" to maintain efficient truck movement for your event. Truck activity is restricted in the downtown area on designated streets during peak hours. Peak traffic hours as specified by the City of Tacoma are 7:00-9:00 am and 4:00-6:00 pm. All Event Organizers are responsible to assure that no queuing will occur on city streets outside the Convention Center at any time.

Marshalling Yard:
You may be required to use a marshalling yard for the staging of any truck activity in order to avoid any queuing in and around the Convention Center. The following factors will warrant the use of a marshaling yard; amount of exhibit space for tradeshow activity or heavy truck volumes associated with a trade show as determined by the Convention Center. If your event needs meet this criteria, please notify your Event Coordinator at least sixty (60) days prior to your event. Door & Access Dimensions:

  • Interior Level 5 Roll-up Door: 25'2" wide X 18'0" high
  • Exterior Level 3 Roll-up Door: 16'0" wide X 10'0" high
  • Exhibition Hall, entrance doors from Pre-function area: 7'0" wide X 9'0" high
  • Exhibition Hall, roll-up doors to South service hall : 25'0" wide X 18'0" high
  • Exhibition Hall, roll-up doors to North service hall : 18'0" wide X 18'0" high
  • Ballroom, entrance doors from Pre-function area: 7'0" wide X 9'0" high
  • Ballroom, doors to service hall : 7'0" wide X 9'0" high (note: single doors are half as wide)
  • Ballroom, special roll-up service door: .8'0" wide X 12'0" high
  • Meeting Rooms (315-318), entrance doors from Pre-function area: 7'0" wide X 9'0" high
  • Meeting Rooms (315-318), doors to service hall: 7'0" wide X 9'0" high
  • Meeting Rooms (403-407), all entrance doors: 3'6" wide X 8'0" high